London Olympics 2012: Some Goodies

It would be a tragedy if i was to let the London 2012 Olympics commence without having done an ‘Olympic Must Have’ post. So here we have it…

I’ve never been particularly patriotic, but something inside me has changed all of a sudden, and 2012 has found me feeling all warm and fuzzy about the Union Jack…ok maybe that is taking it a bit to far. However, i am 100% more likely to sport the nations colours today than i was this time last year (or any other year).

Union Jack Lashes – Best saved for the Olympic Opening Ceremony £3.50

Links Of London Team GB Bracelet – Add this to your arm party and show your love for GB . I quite fancy one of these! £20

Meri Meri Going For Gold Cupcake Decorations. It’s got to be done, Olympic Cupcakes! When i saw these in Topshop, it was definitely love at first sight £9.99

House Of Holland Rule Britannia Tights – Bag yourself an Olympic Athlete by flashing your Brit cool pins at him £15 from Pretty Polly

French Sole Limited Edition Union Jack Pumps – Love the fact these have ‘2012’ printed on the inside (no that doesn’t mean they are for mega large feet) £130


…and of course, the nails. Nails must at all times reflect the celebrations of the nation. I think we can get creative with nails, there is no need to stick to the Union Jack, we have 10 fingers and each can represent the flag of a different country…why not?!

My Olympic 2012 nails. Even played around with the colours!
L-R Gems, Olympic Rings, Turkey, USA, GB

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