Fashion: Cycle Chic

So i don’t ride a bike. I don’t cycle to work. I don’t even know how to remove a Boris Bike from its parked station, and most annoyingly i can never use a ‘tyre puncture’ as an excuse for being late for work. In fact, i should probably be quite embarrassed to admit that as a child i didn’t ever take off those stabilisers that my dad fitted onto my first bike. I fail.

HOWEVER, today, I came across these super cute, sooo pretty and v. cool cycle accessories and am now rather tempted to learn to ride.

Sawako Furuno Rose Ribbon Helmet – Adore the bow on the side.

Super Cool – Herringbone Helmet

Cute: Reflective Heart Badges


Pring Pring: I’d totally have this Candy Bell…if i had a bike!

More Bells: Cycling DJ

Riding a bike has never been so stylish. All the above products are available at CycleChic


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