Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

It’s October, not only the month when the clocks go back and the dark nights officially start, or when we celebrate all things spooky and goolish. It’s also an extremely important month to help us learn more and raise not only money but also awareness of Breast Cancer – the second biggest cause of death for women in the UK.

Although treatments are getting better and more targeted for this cancer, a lot more research needs to be done and we need to be aware of the symptoms to help early detection – a vital point for a better chance of recovery.

There is more information available on the Breast Cancer Care website here.

There are lots of pink goodies available on the high street helping raise money for BCA. They are all to gorgeous to walk past:

Guess Sparkling Pink Watch £62 Limited Edition

The Evelyn Lauder Dream Collection from Estee Lauder

Orly ‘Pretty In Pink’ Nail Polish Collection

GHD Cherry Blossom Hair Straighteners

Clinique Chubby Stick. Limited Edition, Plumped Up Pink

Pink Hunter Boots for BCA

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