Crushing On Lady Fozaza: Blazing Haute

I am currently slightly infatuated with Lady Fozaza. Instagram stalking is getting to a slightly worrying point. But you will understand why as you read on.

Blazers. Some girls heart them, some ladies are not sure what to do with them and if you are like me, you want to love them but generally find them a tad on the boring side, so don’t go there.

Well all this is about to change. Lady Fozaza, the brainchild of Dubai based fashion designer Alanoud Badr is a sparkling gift from blazer heaven.

305517_416600508410486_911191294_n 263631_10151260078673758_347522092_n fozazablazers

These seriously stylish blazers will make a statement and dress up any outfit -caszh or glam. The collections are elegant, empowering and unique. I was drooling from first sight.



Alanoud Badr, creator of the fabulous Lady Fozaza

A beauty herself, Alanoud is a great model for her own collections which are becoming popular amongst celebs such as Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.


As far as i am aware, these are not available in the UK yet, but i am this close to campaigning for them to be. Otherwise, i will have to stock up during a trip to Dubai ♥

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