My New Year Loves and Lusts

It’s a new year, but some things never change. I am still besotted with some fave essentials, and of course, definitely still lusting after a couple of others.



Darphin Tangerine Aromatic – smells stunning and does me wonders. Perfect for first signs of ageing (never too soon to use this in my opinion)

Burberry Beauty Blush – fast becoming my all time fave blusher. I normally chop and change blushers, but not with this lil one. Its hot!

Cartier Basier Vole – flowers and powders, a dream scent for me!


Martha Hoffman Tote – love the pattern on this rather large tote. A perfect bag to fill up with all the pointless but useful stuff i carry around

Petite Marie Evil Eye Swing Double Ring – clearly in love with this, not only because it fulfils my evil eye obsession, but am also hearting the double swing!

Stella McCartney Fabella Phone Case – Simply need this beauty to match my Stella M Fabella tote!

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