The Sweet Scent Of A Victoria’s Secret Angel

I’m currently sporting the ever so very sweet scent by Victoria’s Secret – ‘Angel. The award winning fragrance with notes of plum and amber is a perfect way to add some sugar to your diet without the calories .


I’ve been loading up with the Shower Gel (not pictured as its sitting in my gym locker), Body Lotion and Body Mist which came as a gift set. I love the scent for casual days and must admit the sweetness gives me some happy vibes! A sugar rush maybe. Plus, its secretly my own little way of pretending i am a Victoria’s Secret Angel (i dream)!

IMG_2428 IMG_2427 IMG_2425 IMG_2424

If you haven’t watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion parade 2012, add it to your ‘need to watch’ list. Tip: Skip the chocolate sofa snacks with this viewing session! Here is a little picture preview of a few angels and their wings.

318831-victorias-secret-fashion-show 1352390313_erin-heatherton-zoom victoria-secret-fashion-show-2012-armory-bi-dng-lingerie-models-cute-attractive-hot-beautiful-sexy-underwear-model Victoria's Secret 2012 Fashion Show Runway - Show Victorias_Secret_Fashion_Show_2012_2013_30 victorias_secret_fashion_show_2012_model2_189mjs2-189mk34

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