My Current Skin Savers

This winter seems to have played havoc with my skin. Most years i manage to get through the season without too much trouble. Dry patches that my usual moisturiser sorts out, or flakiness that a good facial or pamper can fix.

However, this year i have had to kick some of my usual products to the kerb. My two biggest issues have been mega dry, sore and cracked hands, and general all over dry skin.

After trying out a couple of different beauty products, these two have really saved me.


Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil


This light beauty oil by Garnier is non greasy and easy to apply. I was attracted to it because of its Argan Oil content, the gold of skincare. It really nourishes my skin, takes away the tight dry feeling and keeps it silky smooth throughout the day.


Rituals Ginkgo’s Secret Handcream


This product is a beauty must have. Just a few months ago i had the most sore and chapped hands, resembling the back of a Lizard. Within a week of using this brilliant Rituals handcream, my hands were looking and feeling human again. They say to take care of your hands as they are a sign of a lady’s age. For this reason, caring for my hands is always a beauty list priority… and this gem is definitely staying close to me.

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