Victoria Beckham: Elle Magazine Covergirl


Elle Magazine March 2013: Victoria Beckham photographed by Carter Smith, wearing the latest from Burberry.

Love her or hate her, she is an international household name. And everyone really does seem to have an opinion. Mine fluctuates, but generally i quite admire her. Victoria Beckham. The Watford girl turned LA fashion icon is the face (and body) to grace March 2013’s edition of Elle Magazine.

What do you think of this cover? Possibly OTT with the airbrushing, but that’s nothing new in the world of magazine covers.

Here are a few past magazine covers Mrs B has been seen on.


ID Magazine March 2012


Elle Magazine January 2008


Harpers Bazaar December 2009


Elle Magazine December 2005


Vogue February 2011


Elle Magazine July 2012

…and of of we just couldn’t let this beauty escape. David Beckham looking every bit the sex god that he is on the cover of Elle last summer.


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