I Love Me Some Sofa Shopping

As a beauty obsessed individual, i am always hungry for the latest beauty products, info, discoveries, tips and tricks. There are so many sources to pull advice from these days but it’s not so easy to find places that you actually trust and feel comfortable with.


Its no secret that i am a QVC addict, i love to chill in my PJ’s and check out what beauties they have on offer and how they can benefit my skin or beauty regime. If you haven’t read my post on my recent QVC studio tour, then definitely take a look here.

Since i am such a QVC geeek, i have listed my fave things about them for you:

Alison Young: She is the beauty bible! She just knows so much and is bursting with loads of advice when presenting the beauty shows. I was in total awe of Alison when i saw her in action behind the scences at the QVC studios. She doesn’t have a script/ autocue, she just knows so much which instantly makes me feel at ease when shopping with QVC.


Demos: Have you ever brought a new beauty product off the shelf and then thought, ‘hmmm how do i actually use this?’ Does it go under moisturiser/ over moisturiser/ instead of….? It definitely happened to me when i first discovered skin serums. Anyway, sometimes i watch QVC purely for the demonstations on how to apply products to get the best out of them.

If Your Name’s Not Down..: This is definitely a biggie for me. I really trust the quality of products QVC sell. They are put through lots of testing to meet standards, and only appear on their shows if they are good enough. That alone puts me at ease, knowing that whatever i buy comes with a garuneteed good standard.

BOGOF: If you love beauty offers then you will love the QVC TSV (Today’s Special Value). Basically these TSV’s offer you a brill handpicked selection of products which you probably wouldn’t get anywhere else, at a much lower cost. Generally you can get a couple of full sized beauty items and a few smaller ones all for the cost of a single product. Bargain!


Brands: Loads of my favourite brands are sold on QVC, which is great as i will always end up with fab offers and also get to try out new products from them. My current faves are Liz Earle, Philosophy, Elemis, Bare Minerals, Sarah Chapman and Emma Hardie.

As Vogue Magazine once quoted “QVC = Quality, Value, COOL”

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