Backstage: The Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013

Shoreditch has become a fashion hot spot over the last few years attracting fashionistas, cool kids and trendy types from all over.

This weekend many of them headed to the Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013 in Hoxton to get a glimpse of the super cool styles coming out of East London, and enjoy some art and fab live bands.

Put on by Off Beat Live and Vivid Fashion Group, and sponsored by Made In Shoreditch magazine, the event attracted  high profile press and celebrities including Mischa Barton, Eliza Doolittle and Oliver Proudlock from Made In Chelsea.

I was lucky enough to head the backstage nail team. The nail look was long silver, metallic and reflective to fit in with the make up and hair  which was based on ‘electricity’. Headed by Danny DeFreitas, make up and hair was super, the atmosphere backstage was fun, chilled and ‘on it’.

Here is a little photo roundup of the day/ night shot by me.

IMG_5904 IMG_5912 IMG_5902 IMG_5901 IMG_5896 IMG_5925 IMG_5929 IMG_5931 IMG_5926 IMG_5932 92fc7e8ab00f11e2902122000a9e5160_7 IMG_5890 BI6N6UkCYAE7vMf.jpg-large f73b7514af9611e2bbd422000a1f9ab2_7 IMG_5894 IMG_5903

The pictures below are from the show and after party. Photo Credit to Made In Shoreditch mag

376973_567081816670019_2113460262_n 475911_566960040015530_1218481767_o

920109_566959553348912_2042066980_o 902694_566961090015425_787759858_o936261_567081680003366_1678714379_n

One thought on “Backstage: The Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013

  1. Only discovered your blog recently and am seriously liking your posts! 🙂 awesome backstage shots here, I always love the charged atmosphere backstage at fashion shows whenever I do dressing!

    Amelia xx

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