Summer Hair Inspiration

I always tend to pay my hair a bit more attention in the summer. It comes down from the usual top not and i get a bit more experimental.

I LOVE side fishtail braids. I have to admit it was Cheryl Cole who first inspired me to wear my hair that way. Its the perfect day or evening hair, and looks even better when its a bit messy.

Fishtail braids are not too difficult to master, it just takes a bit of practice. There are loads of You Tube tutorials out there. The look works better on longer hair, so get growing. However, to make life a little easier, the lovely people at Hershesons have created the pre styled, clip in fishtail plait. It looks gorgeous and is easy to wear transforming your style in literally minutes.


Available at or any Hershesons Blowdry Bar. £60

If you prefer your hair untied and to be able to blow in the summer breeze (or more likely gales if you are in London), then make sure its not flat and limp and lifeless. I’ve recently been using the VO5’s Plump It Up big hair spray to give me some volume. Its brilliant and means there is no need for backcombing.

11523333_l_1361918982Simply spray at the roots and zujch it up.

image credit: Hersheons

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