June Favourites

I was going to wait until the end of June to post my ‘June Faves’ but i can no longer wait, i need to share!

I had a bit of a skincare overhaul recently, and introduced lots of new products into my regime that i haven’t used before. I’m always on the lookout for new skincare, and love trying new products. So here are a couple  that i am loving at the moment. I will do more in depth reviews on some of these soon.




Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover: I’ve never really had the need for a separate eye make up remover until now. Previously my cleanser used to do the job, but now i wear more eyeliner, and waterproof mascara so invested in this bottle of blue magic. As soon as it goes on to the eyes, its soothing and calming, the make up just melts away in seconds and is just a pleasure to use. That is such a lame thing to say (a pleasure to use) – but seriously it is!

Melvita Rose Micellar Water : So this was a whole new concept to me. A waterless water cleanser in a bottle. Suggested to me by my sister who is keen on all things eco. To be honest i am one of those cleansing queens that prefers to wash with ‘real water’ – from the tap, so i was sceptical about this. However, i’m mega impressed. This cleanser is fresh, lightly scented and moisturising. The  3-in-1 formula removes make-up, cleanses and tones all in one using the action of micelles which trap impurities. After the very first use my skin felt clean, soft and radiant! To add to this, its completely natural and free of harmful chemicals. Definitely recommended if you are looking for a new cleansing product.

Kardashian Joystick Lip Colour in Babydoll: Although this isn’t available in the UK yet, i have to share my love for it. A friend of mine gave it to me, and i am literally OBSESSED. This surprises me. The colour is my perfect shade, a very pale pink, the texture is soft, smooth and extremely moistusising. It really reminds me of the YSL Rouge Volupt lipsticks. If you like the formula of those, then you will probably like the Kardashian Joysticks. The girls have had some major issues lately with the brand name, having to drop the original ‘Khroma’ name, but now its all been rebranded, fingers crossed it comes to the UK.

Rituals Lavender Fields Candle: I’m definitely going through a ‘candle phase’ at the moment. I can’t get enough of them, i love the selection of scents, and the ambiance they give in a home. The Rituals Lavender Fields candle is perfect to create a relaxing atmosphere, the scent is calming and delicate, perfect for the bedroom or bathroom. I can’t wait to try more from the Rituals home range!

One thought on “June Favourites

  1. Lol, me too I’m in a “candle phase” at the moment ! ;D And I really want to buy Diptyque (my favorites !)…

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