Top Moisturisers: My Pick From The QVC Consumer Beauty Awards

Skincare has always been high up on my ‘beauty cares’ list, higher than haircare and definitely way above make up. The way i see it is, no amount of make up is going to look good or sit well if the base you put it on is not being taken care of.

Cleansing and moisturising is ritual that will never be forgotten in my world, and with the QVC Consumer Beauty Awards results being revealed this week (tomorrow in fact), i thought i would share with you my opinion and faves from one of their beauty categories – Best Moisturiser.

The nominations for the Best Moisturiser were:

  • Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser
  • L’Occitane Immortelle Devine Cream
  • Lulu’s Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream,
  • Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

I’ve tried most of them, either in the past or more recently and definitely have my faves!

Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser:


I’ve always been a big fan of Liz Earle’s cult cleansing product Cleanse and Polish, its a classic and in my opinion a definite skin saver.

The Superskin Moisturiser is also gaining some serious fans,  is full of lots of yummy ingredients including Cranberry Seed and Rosehip oils to help moisturise and improve elasticity, and Pomegranate as a source of Vit E protecting against environmental damage. 

This moisturiser has won many awards, its deeply nourishing for skin that needs an extra boost and a little plump up. It’s best suited to mature skin which is drier. 

Lulu’s Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream


I love the idea behind this brand – either take a step to keep your youthful glow, or let it go to pot by doing nothing. 60’s pop sensation Lulu  teamed up with top beauty experts and launched a series a products to help fight ageing, and always keep glam. 

Her Flashback Night Cream is a mega rich formula which drenches the  skin in soothing oils and botanicals. Although rich, its not sticky. A good choice for those burning the candle at both ends

Elemis Pro Collegen Marine Cream


If only i could be put on an intravenous Elemis drip! I love their products, not only for the results but also for the smells, the textures and the innovation.  

Pro Collegen Marine has to be on of Elemis’ great discoveries. Containing a powerful anti ageing marine extract called padina pavonica (i even love saying that) it helps to promote skin firmness and elasticity whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines. Although its perfect of mature skins, i really love this moisturiser for its light, fluffy texture, fresh scent, and radiant glow.

I think this could probably be a winner in the QVC Consumer Beauty Awards. 

L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream


So i left this moisturiser till last for a reason, it’s the one that really surprised me and changed my opinion of the brand. Although i have always liked L’Occitane products, nothing has ever got me excited about it. Until i tried this beauty. Immortelle Dvine Cream, has given my skin something i didn’t know it needed. I’m not sure what it even is, but its made an incredible diffence. Right away my skin was more radiant, and in a week looked healthier. 

Containing a combination of immortelle and myrtle essential oils which stimulate the production of collagens and improve skin circulation, while the myrtle protein helps increase cellular vitality and fight ageing.

For me, this is my fave and totes a winner for me. 

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