Dotty Royals

Yes i’m sure you have all heard the news, we have a new royal on our hands. Baby Cambridge has arrived, doting parents, and a world excited (mostly) by his arrival.
Last night as the Dutchess of Cambridge, Prince Will and their Baby stepped out to be greeted by excited fans and press, my gaze was elsewhere. Pounding along the treadmill and watching the moment, i was more concerned with Kate – her hair, makeup and outfit.

In my mind i was listing comparisons to the famous image of Diana and Charles on the same steps holding Will 31years ago.
The most obvious? The dress. Paying homage to her late mother in law, Kate was sporting a cornflower blue crêpe de chine dress by British designer, Jenny Packham.
It was light and flowing, similar to the one Diana wore. The similarity did me me go ‘awww’.

Kate’s hair was styled in soft waves and her make up was very low key natural with blushing cheeks.

Congratulations to Kate and Will. We wish them lots of beautiful times a family.

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