Brow Envy – Big Brows Are So Back


Oh Cara! We Love Your Brows

I’m mega obsessed, as are many others, with the well endowed brows of Cara Delevingne. So, I decided to grow my own Cara-esq brows. Its taken a few months, and some very strategic removal of brow hairs, but progress is on the up, and brows are positively thicker.

There are some super eyebrow kits out there. Benefit’s Brow Kit and Givenchy’s Mr Brow are two faves.
I also really love Christian’s semi permanent brow powder kit, i used this to fill in any gaps during my growing out phase. Its subtle and comes with easy to use brushes and stencils if you need.

If you prefer pencils, Kiko’s Precision Brow pencil gives a natural finish.



Before the Big Brow Obsession

Im so anti eyebrows that are drawn in with hard angular shapes. Urgh, please do yourself a fave and avoid this awful look.
Work with your natural shape and enhance it instead.


Three months later… Hearting Bush Brows

I couldn’t write a post on brows without mentioning the original Brow Queen. Brooke Shields, we bow down to your brows.brooke-shields-80s-vogue-cover1.jpg?w=800&h=1064

Brooke Shields, the original 80’s Brow Idol

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