LFW Backstage: Meadham Kirchhoff AW14

London Fashion Week came and went in a flash. There are always a few favourite designers that get me excited in the belly – Meadham Kirchhoff being one of them. Weather they are going for playful and girly or dark and sultry, there is always some quirky cool to ensure Meadham Kirchhoff’s looks are long spoken about as the shows move to Paris.

Here is my visual round up as i battled backstage mania and enjoyed the final looks from Meadham Kirchhoff AW14


Pastel Make Up and Glitter Nails


A Model’s Life


Butter London Rosie Lee and Clear Top Coat adding shimmer and sparkle to the model’s nails. Nail look designed by Katie Jane Hughes.


Purple Glitter Pigment


MakeUp Notes

IMG_9760 copy

The wavy hair looked ace. Definitely one to try ❤

IMG_9716 IMG_9734 IMG_9753 copy IMG_9759 IMG_9761 IMG_9772 IMG_9777 IMG_9784 IMG_9785 IMG_9792

Meadham Kirchhoff AW14

London Fashion Week

Backstage Beauty and Final Looks:

Nails: Butter London Rosie Lee and Glitter Pigment

Make Up: Mac using pastel shades and mac pigments

Hair: Flat Ironed at the top, tonged and wavey along lengths

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