Summer Skin Saver


As the days get warmer and we realise the sun does actually exist, most of us tend to reach for some sort of sun protection. This is of course a good thing (although SPF should be worn all year round) but what a lot of us (including me) don’t realise is that most SPF creams can only protect our skin to a certain level, after a while, however high the SPF number, it will cease to have any benefit. There will still be some chance of skin damage, or worse still sun exposure related skin disease.

This might have put the fear into you, but worry not – the clever bodies at Murad HQ, based in the sun soaked land of California have created Murasol, a new technology which combines SPF with some vital antioxidents. These penetrate the deeper levels of the skin, sit there and wait for any free radicals which your normal SPF doesn’t catch. They then attack those damaging molecules, offering protection that other skincare cannot deliver. Basically think of the antioxidents as Pac Man and the Free Radicals as the bugs they gobble.


The key ingredients in the new Murasol technology includes Vitamins A, C and E, along with mostly unloved but clearly very special vegetable Broccoli. The combination of these ingredients’ and a PA+++ SPF is probably the best 360 protection currently available for your skin.

I’ve already been using my Murasol enhanced creams and see that halo sitting above my head knowing i am doing something super good for my skin. I still won’t eat Broccoli though!

More info and available to buy here


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