Nike Women’s 10k #weownthenight

If you follow me on Instagram, you will already know, last night i ran the Nike We Own The Night Women’s 10k. It was my first ever 10k race and IT. WAS. AMAZING. The race took place in Victoria Park, East London, the atmosphere was buzzing, the music was great and there was lots going on. It felt a bit like being at LoveBox (minus the alcohol)!

1412480_722282304490674_1489835664_o 919244_731946483524256_2040850862_o 10255799_753444084707829_8910192657187768132_o wpid-img_20140511_104801.jpg

The girls running were all so inspiring, if at any point i felt like i was flagging, i’d just look around and the energy would spur me on. Not even the rain was stopping us!




Obviously we had to. Selfie Twins.


Make Up & Nails/: I had to keep make up minimal for the run, i would be sweating and i didn’t want it all running along my face (excuse the pun). The sweaty make up look is not one many can pull off! I wore a tinted moisturiser with SPF, covered my lips with Vaseline and lined my eyes with Benefit’s BadGAL Liner which is amazing – its super black and waterproof so was perfect for therun. I finished off the look with the They’re Real Mascara, also from Benefit.

I painted a little Nike Swoosh logo on one of my nails too to help prepare for the race.

We found our names on this super cool Nike cube, which listed the names of all the runners!!

8 wpid-img_20140511_104344.jpg 15

It was amazing to see friends and family at the end of the race THANK YOU guys /: Julie, Renee,  my sisters and nephew. Once i got past the finish line and over the emotion of it all, it was time to have some fun. The Elle tent was the first place to head to. With mirrors, hair products, cleansers etc, it was a god send.


19 wpid-img_20140511_130346.jpg

My amazing Twin  (follow her here) and i got busted gobbling some much needed post run sugar. Yum, ice cream!


There’s always time for a photo op with the besties ❤

It couldn’t really get better when Nick Grimshaw started smashing out some hotttt tuunneees. After that its was just one big party!

Check this cool little video @emilyuk901 captured!


…and finally/: My Race Time


I was super pleased with my race time. I was aiming for under an hour so managed to make it. It was definitely a challenge, but i am looking forward to the next one!

A HUGE thanks to Gcooler for some amazing pictures taken on the day. It’s always good to have your own dedicated pap! Check out his instagram for some super cool pix.


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