Never Underdressed


Less is more:/ Probably one of my fave fashion philosophies. No, i don’t mean less fabric, i mean less fuss. Clean lines and accessories that speak volumes without being too in your face.


This was exactly the look i went for the other weekend. The sunshine was smashing it and i had a brunch date by the docks!


 Urban is the one:/ Always add a bit of urban to outfits, for me its a must, even it’s something fairly dressy! I added some cute dessert boots to this look to keep it ‘daytime cool’.  This gorgeous Mulberry Lily completed my outfit.

 IMG_0923 1

I’d probably never (while in any sane state) add a pair of heels to this dress, to me that would scream ‘urgh tacky’. I’d save the heels for something a bit edgier! Its so much more fun to try adding items that wouldn’t traditionally ‘go together’, together!


I love this super cute head band. I’ve had an obsession ever since Gossip Girls!


Dress:/ ASOS

Boots:/ Office Shoes

Bag:/ Mulberry

Watch:/ Marc Jacobs

Ring:/ Kismet Lola London

Roses Headband:/ Topshop

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