Chanel Cruise 2015 Dubai: Arabian Princess


Chanel Cruise 2015 Dubai was a show i would have given my right arm to have been at. Inspired by Arabia, its exotic culture, intricate art and beautiful Arabian Princesses, Karl Largerfeld managed to package all my favourite things and create a stunning collection and a beautiful show.


Chanel Cruise Collection 2014/2015 in Dubai, Fashion Show



Everything was big and glam. Large doe-eye make up, huge backcombed or curled hair created by Sam McKnight and GHD, and lots of sparkle complemented the outfits. There was a bit of a 70’s vibe about the overall look – i am in awe of this image below, that hair is defo one to try and recreate.

chanel-1 7eb61a8877c76e59410889f97d30ec6c Chanel-Cruise-2014-2015-Beauty

I love all the patterns inspired by Islamic art, which itself is so unique and beautiful.




What was Karl thinking when he created an Oil Can shaped handbag…is this meant to mean something more than ‘fashion’?



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