Nailing It: Nordic By OPI


I always notice peoples nails. It basically helps me categorise the ‘Glam Factor’ of a girl by checking out how perfect her nails are. Is that wrong? Sounds like it is. But i’m sure we all do it. Short, tidy and perfectly polished is the highest rank, chipped and neglected is the other end of the scale. You then get the in-betweens, far too long/ fake and impractical would be tacky, never manicured and covered in dirt would just be plain yuk.

I love having my nails did, and its no surprise that nail polish is now the most brought make up item, surpassing sales of lipstick*. An instant pick me up, affordable and bringing a huge spectrum of colour even to those who shy away from experimenting with new shades of lipstick or items of clothes.


I am so excited about the new Nordics range from OPI. Inspired by the beautiful Northern Lights of Finland, the brightly coloured buildings of Copenhagen and the deep blue fjords of Norway, this collection basically has all the shades a girl needs to taker her from summer brights to winter moods.


L-R: OPI With Icebergers & Fries/ A Nice Finn_ish/ My Voice Is A Little Norse/

How Great Is Your Dane/ Going My Way Or Norway.


L-R: Skating On Thin Iceland/ Thank Glogg Its Friday/

Do You Have This Colour In Stock-Holm/ Viking In Vinter Vonderland


L-R: Can’t Afjord Not To/ Suzi Has A Swede Tooth/ My Dogsled Is A Hybrid

Available from September 2014, RRP £11.95

*Data from market research company NDP

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