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I have to be honest, when the backpack trend returned last season, i did feel a bit cringe – it just took me back to my geeky school days where a backpack (not as cool as my current ones albeit) stacked with text books was an everyday staple.

I’ve since reacquainted myself with the ‘backpack’ and am loving the versatility of them along with all the cool styles. If you follow my Instagram account, you will have seen my other backpack faves.

I’ve teamed my amazingly beautiful Whistles Portland backpack with these gorgeous orange pumps from Office. They are so comfy, something i rarely say about heels (even tiny heels).

Blazer:/ Topshop

Tee:/ Esprit

Backpack:/ Whistles

Jeans:/ Zara

Shoes:/ Offies

Jewellery:/ Kismet Lola London

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