Aveda Stress fix Body Cream


I’ve had a manic month with a hectic work schedule and loads of personal commitments to keep on top of, i’m about to start a new job in a couple of weeks but still have so much to do before i move on. Needless to say, i’ve been feeling quite tense and anxious. Aveda’s new Stress Fix range is a mind and body saviour. Taking care of skin by moisturisng and hydrating, the collection also has an aromatherapy base of lavender and clary sage – aromas known to help keep stressful minds calm. I was instantly taken in by the soothing scent as i lifted the lid and massaged the rich cream into my skin. I applied it before bed and went to sleep feeling a lot calmer than i had in recent weeks. It smells divine and really did soothe my chaotic mind. A good trick is to rub it into pressure points such as thumbs and forefinger, and neck and shoulders – areas which tend to hold a lot of tension.

Definitely a must have treat if life is getting cray, spread some relief and let those stresses find the nearest bin!


Available at Aveda Stores and Counters £36. The Stress fix range also includes a lighter body lotions, bath salts and a concentrate oil.

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