It’s been a non-stop last few weeks, so i’ve got to admit updating here has suffered a bit. The good news is, i’m back and excited to share lots of new fashion and beauty finds. If you have been following my Instagram accounts @loladoes and @kismetlola you will have noticed i started a new job, launched some new jewellery lines, observed the month of Ramadan and the festivities that followed.

Here is a little photo update, via instagram:

 wpid-img_20140721_192655.jpg wpid-img_20140707_214941.jpg wpid-img_20140709_214034.jpg


wpid-img_20140714_093449.jpg wpid-img_20140714_103313.jpg wpid-img_20140710_152656.jpg wpid-img_20140718_231623.jpg wpid-img_20140720_142435.jpg wpid-img_20140801_135516.jpg wpid-img_20140727_140454.jpg wpid-img_20140728_201757.jpg wpid-img_20140726_171234.jpg wpid-img_20140726_215658.jpg wpid-img_20140728_085113.jpg

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